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Month's Special: Everything +POSTS -REBLOG, I love everything! mostly Cartoons, Anime, Music and Videogames, like Legend Of Heroes, Zelda, Disgaea, Tales Of, Castlevania, Doctor Who, Scott Pilgrim, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Ruby Gloom, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Avatar: The Legend Of Aang & Korra, Hellsing, FMA, Zero No Tsukaima, Naruto, Lucky Star, etc. So you may find stuff from these! And some reviews P.S.: I Speak Spanish and a bit of English...
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Exercising… 99.9% accurate


lying and being discovered… more like screwing things and don’t know what to do…

Little Girl, Gen by Cœur de Pirate from Child Of Light OST


(c) Cœur de Pirate, Ubisoft

Just a friendly reminder that even if you didn’t know, Disgaea 5 it is in development!!

Okay, New Zelda confirmed, it seems to be a sequel to the Wind Waker saga somehow imo, but that’s not a enough reason to me to get a Wii U unless something related to Metroid is shown… Until then I’ll keep it in mind…

Making teamwork/plans with your best friend…

Yuri’s like “this guy is kinda funny”
And Asbel “this fakin’ dude is so hard to slash “

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Alucard's Tears
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