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Month's Special: Everything +POSTS -REBLOG, I love everything! mostly Cartoons, Anime, Music and Videogames, like Legend Of Heroes, Zelda, Disgaea, Tales Of, Castlevania, Doctor Who, Scott Pilgrim, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Ruby Gloom, Gravity Falls, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Avatar: The Legend Of Aang & Korra, Hellsing, FMA, Zero No Tsukaima, Naruto, Lucky Star, etc. So you may find stuff from these! And some reviews P.S.: I Speak Spanish and a bit of English...
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It’s me or Namco is running out of Ideas… I mean, a lot of Tales crossovers… that’s not good

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Yeah, who the hell wouldn’t… Beryl <3

Ohh my…. I have in my bare hands…

Thus Spoke Zarathustra!!

I’m gonna play it for X times again!!

Dusky A by Basiscape from Oboromuramasa Original Soundtrack

(c) Basiscape, Vanillaware



walk toward tomorrow.

starts to sob grossly

All them feels… 

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Alucard's Tears
Alucard's Tears